Etherion attacks the fresh new tower, totally destroying the fresh outside framework, however, making folks on it unscathed

Etherion attacks the fresh new tower, totally destroying the fresh outside framework, however, making folks on it unscathed

At the tower, immediately after Natsu defeats Wally and you may Millianna, Jellal visits his chessboard (adorned with parts one show most of the members of his “game”) and you may hits the two underlings’ bits more, representing its overcome. He is conscious Simon and Sho possess betrayed him, however, Jellal try untroubled, and you can instead sales the fresh impatient Vidaldus together with rest of Trinity Raven to make its move in their “game”.

Jellal next uses Secret to speak having everybody in the tower, advising him or her it’s time to begin this new “Heaven’s Online game”, proclaiming that the reason for told you “game” would be to end your by using Erza because the a sacrifice getting Zeref’s renewal from the conquering the fresh Trinity Raven. Then he informs everyone one to Etherion will quickly hit, and you may destroy, brand new tower, giving them an enthusiastic unspecified time limit to reach the top regarding the newest tower.

Adopting the a couple combine right back along with her, Jellal’s Miracle Strength was totally recovered

Right back in the Council’s meeting, as a last force to find the history choose the guy needs, Siegrain informs the newest Council you to Jellal is wanting to utilize this new tower to replace new Ebony Mage Zeref, fantastic the Council, and you can ultimately causing Siegrain’s proposition in order to winnings, that have Yajima left the only person up against firing Etherion. Whenever questioned when the he or she is ready to accept all outcomes which go to your shooting away from Etherion, Siegrain answers getting Yajima to “hold off and determine”.

Jellal continues to knock-down parts into his chess board given that new fights in the tower drain, up to Erza beats Ikaruga and is located at your. As Erza makes to combat your, Jellal states that, despite his own losses otherwise victory, she’ll become a give up getting Zeref. Jellal next declares that there surely is 7 moments left up to Etherion hits, and you may encourages Erza when planning on taking complete benefit of told you moments, assaulting their particular with his Dark Magic abreast of finishing his think. Erza is able to overpower each one of Jellal’s symptoms and you can slice your together with her blade, getting him towards ground; Erza up coming will get near the top of Jellal and you can circumstances their unique sword on his throat. She says to their unique previous pal that he possess unsuccessful at finishing the Roentgen-Program, due to the fact tower doesn’t have the new Secret Fuel expected to perform some resurrection: at the very least Mil Edeas.

Jellal’s Join Serpent Spell spreads to the Erza’s human body, restraining her and blocking their particular off moving

As Erza says she’s have a glance at the weblink going to simply push Jellal to go to having Etherion’s slip in order to destroy them each other, Jellal states that this isn’t such as a bad idea, since their body’s possessed by the Zeref, in which he is nothing more than Zeref’s tool, unable to be spared by the some one. Erza refuses their invitation to kill your, and one or two kiss one another, looking forward to the brand new satellite ray to enable them to atone for both of the “sins”. Surprised to be alive following great time, Erza seems doing and you can notices the genuine interior structure of the latest tower try, indeed, an enormous intake Lacrima. Jellal jokes maniacally, claiming to own succeeded in his purpose, and teaches you you to definitely Etherion given the tower for the needed dos.eight Million Edeas needed to offer Zeref returning to lifetime.

For the Day and age, individuals are surprised observe the newest tower however standing, and you may an upset Yajima questions Siegrain, which, instead responding, instantly vanishes. The guy in the near future reappears regarding the Tower Off Paradise, where Erza and you will Jellal is. The they both then move on to say that Siegrain and you will Jellal try you to together with same.

Jellal and you can Erza initiate assaulting once more, this time having Erza becoming dominated of the Jellal’s restored energy. Erza is then forced for the R-System crystal to be sacrificed, not, Natsu quickly looks and you may pulls her aside. Erza alerts Natsu to go away their own, while the Jellal is just too strong, but he declines and you can knocks her aside. Then prepares to combat Jellal, just who cheerfully welcomes the trouble.

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