Web development is the process involved in developing, building and maintaining a website for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network)This process involves the work that happens behind the scenes to make a website not just look good, but also work fast and perform well with an amazing user experience. Web developers, achieve this by using a variety of coding languages  to build and develop web pages, give it scripts, structure, layout, customization, and functionality. These coding languages ranges  from HTML, to CSS, to C++ to  JAVASCRIPT,  to PYTHON, etc. Each and every programming language has various functions and tags for various purposes, but can also work together to make a responsive web page.


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Front end development involves developing and designing the user interface and interactable part of a webpage: That is, the physical/visual part of a website where a web user  can see and interact with. Frontend development is aided by 3 major programming languages namely: HTML, CSS and Javascript


Backend development involves all the activities a programmer does on the server-side of a website: That is the non-visible side of a website. These aspects includes: database, API, server checkup to ensure the site is running well, etc. Backend programming languages are: Java PHP, Python, and so on.


FAQ On Web development

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The work of a web designer is basically to design, edit and manage the content and appearance of a website, whilst that of a developer is the analysis involving the structure, layout and functionality of a website using various programming languages.

A full-stack developer is someone who possess the skills, abilities, and knowledge of both Front, and back end development.  That is; they can work on the visual and physical interface, and also make alterations and updates to the back-end(server)

The duration of building a website simply depends on what the client wants. The purpose, the type, content, amount of pages , and structure of the website is what determines the duration, which could vary from several weeks to even months.

The simplest explanation to difference between the two terms is that Web design is primarily associated with the look, and feel of the website, and everything concerned with the visual aspect of a site. Web Development is a process carried out in the backend, that is building the site’s structure using code, and other developing softwares and also finding and fixing bugs.

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